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There can be no righteous revolution without women's education and participation in establishing a college for girls next year - Maulana Amirullah Khan Qasmi.



New Delhi/ Mehboob Nagar, February 19 (Masarrat.com) 
"There can be no righteous revolution without the education of women and their participation in the establishment of a college for girls next year," said Maulana Ameerullah Khan Qasmi, a well-known religious scholar of Telangana and head of Amanat Trust (Bank), Siraj Al Banat and Siraj Uloom Mehboob Nagar, while stressing on contemporary education of Muslims. As the country's current conditions dictate, Muslims need to establish quality educational institutions in a modern religious environment, especially for girls. In his keynote speech at MS Creative School, ARC Junior College, Maulana Qasmi made this appeal.
He believes educating and involving women is a prerequisite for a righteous revolution. A righteous society is difficult to build when half of the Muslim population is prevented from attending school. According to him, one of the reasons for the degradation of Muslims is that our girls are under-represented in important sectors, so the Muslim society suffers from backwardness. Therefore, schools and colleges need to provide both modern and religious education.
MS School, ARK Junior College, Siraj Al Banat, and Siraj Uloom offer modern education as well as religious education, with separate arrangements for boys and girls. Next year, he plans to establish a degree college for girls, and to provide JEE, NET, IIT, and vocational training.

According to Maulana Sanaullah Khan, Chairman of ARC Academy, a foundation course has been established for students who have graduated from Madrasas to enable them to enroll in modern educational institutions. 10th and 12th classes will be offered to prepare students for doctoral, engineering, lawyer, and IIT courses.
Director of MS Academy Moazzam Hussain says the children's performance is enviable and will benefit children at other institutions as well.

According to BJP leader and Jamaat Ulema-i-Hind President Maulana Sahib Qasmi, the Prophet has always shown us the right path, and we should follow it to improve our lives. Engineer Shoaib Ansari, chairman of Ansar Foundation, said that the children would leave their mark on all spheres of life after studying here.
A colorful, multi-themed program by the students of MS Creative School left the audience unimpressed. These institutions have provided educational services in Mahbubnagar, Telangana, for decades.

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